How to Build a Lean-To Garden Shed

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For those with small gardens who want store equipment in it will find that getting a shed to fit in the space available can be somewhat of a challenge.  However, instead of getting the usual kind of shed if you have a small garden with limited space have you considered getting a lean to shed instead.

As well as being small these structures can be placed against an existing building and will still store all items well and protect them against the elements.  In this article we offer some advice which may prove useful when you want to learn more about how to build a lean to shed.

If you are going to be building your own lean to shed the first thing you need to make a decision on is what materials you are going to use to construct it from.  Some people will use metal, others wood or plastic, and in some cases they may use several of these materials together.  But what is important is that the materials you select to you are going to be ones that match with your home and garden as well.

A lean to shed can actually be constructed and attached to the side of your home if you want.  But if you don’t want this then you will need to construct it with 4 sides rather than 3.  However, by attaching the lean to shed to another structure and so having to construct only 3 sides’s means that it can be erected a lot more quickly.

If you want to ensure that the shed once constructed does not detract from the structure beside it then finish it off using the same materials.  If you do this then you will find that many people will think that the shed has been there since you owned the property.

When you are building a lean to shed it is crucial that you make sure that the pitch of the roof is right.  The best is a mono pitched roof which will ensure that any water that lands on it runs away and off it straightaway.  By preventing water from collecting on the roof this will stop the roof from being damaged and also any damaged being caused to the structure to which the shed is next to.  When you are learning how to build a lean to shed you must realize how crucial it is to have the roof pitched correctly as this will then ensure that any water that lands on it will go away from the other structure.

Even before you can start building a lean to shed with the instructions that you have found either online or which come with the shed you need to prepare the base for it.  It is important that the foundations are even and these can be constructed either from wood or concrete.  If you use wood it will only take a short time to build the shed foundations, but with concrete although much stronger it will need time to set before it can be built on.

It does not matter whether you build your shed from scratch or from a kit you must make sure that you have all the right tools and materials close at hand.  It wouldn’t be very good if you find that during the project it has to be halted because you find that you are missing something that you need to carry on with the next stage of constructing it.

Another thing that you need to do before you even purchase a lean to shed materials or kit is find out if planning permission needs to be sought to erect it.  Although because of the size of the shed permission won’t be required there are occasions when it may be because of the age of the property in which you live or because it is considered to be an additional structure.

Above we have provided you with some advice that we consider useful when it comes to how to build a lean to shed.  If you remember these points when looking for a lean to shed not only will you find the right one for you but one that offers adequate storage for the items to be kept in it and will take up only the space available.


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