Ever wanted a Home Garden Office? How about a log cabin?

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There are plenty of different companies now manufacturing many different styles of garden offices for you to choose from.

Before you do make a decision on which type of garden office it is you want it is worthwhile spending some time looking and researching each one that is available.

You should as you look into garden offices keep certain things in mind and below we look at what some of these things that you should be considering.

1. You should be looking for manufacturers of garden offices that supply good natural light through their structures and also offer ample electrical points for allowing of office equipment to be installed. However, if the space is used for a home office with computer equipment installed then too much natural light can damage the sensitive parts such as the monitors.

Along with ample electrical points and a good source of natural light the space should be well ventilated without the doors having to be kept open.

As you want to be able to work in this space without interruption it needs to have good sound proofing and insulation so that then it can be used throughout the year.

2. Before you look at getting a garden office you need to look to see if you have ample space in your garden to have one constructed. All external buildings that are not an extension of the property need to stand a distance away from it of no less than five meters and also must not stand any closer than one meter to the boundary walls or fences of the property.

You also need to be aware that if the office is going to take up more than 50% of the garden space available then planning permission will have to be obtained from the local authority to have such a building constructed.

3. If there is sufficient space in your garden for installation of an office then you need to make a decision as to what style you want. It is best to choose a design and style that matches in with the look of the main property. But whatever style you choose you need to make the supplier aware of exactly what the space will be used for.

4. Once you have made a decision as to what style of office it is you want for your garden now you need to make a decision on what material it is to be constructed from. Certainly for those who live in much older houses or in conservation areas then wooden garden offices are the preferred choice. However, those who live in properties which are more modern and don’t have any restrictions on external structures may prefer to go for a metal office as they are much easier to maintain.

There are now plenty of companies who manufacture garden offices from wood and which are just as strong and require very little maintenance as well.

These types of sheds are constructed from insulated panels which have been fused with foam and then covered with 2 skins of oriented strand board. As well as making the sheds much stronger they are also environmentally friendly and because they have such good insulation electricity and heating bills are much less.


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