How to Move a Shed

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There may come a time that you find you need to move your garden shed.  It may be because water is unable to drain away from the area surrounding it or it could be because you just don’t like its present position.  The thing is if you want to you could actually move the shed quite easily yourself.

However you will need the help of some friends or a vehicle to do the work.  In this article we show you the steps it will take when it comes to knowing how to move a shed.

Step 1 – Before you can actually start moving the shed you have to provide it with ample support.  The first thing to do is dig a channel around the outside of the channel which will then allow you to place 4 jacks at each corner of it to provide support whilst you carry out the next step.

If you are having problems with placing the jacks under the corners of the shed you may need to dig underneath them so that they can be placed where they offer the most support.  It is best if you dig out underneath each corner one at the time.

Step 2 – Once you have provided the shed with support outside from the jacks you next need to stabilize it inside.  To do this you need to take some long timbers and attach these to the studs of the walls inside on both sides and also lay timbers across the floor in an X pattern.  If you do these things then as well as making the shed more rigid and sturdy they will ensure that the shape of the shed is retained.

Bracing the shed structure prevents it from flexing as it is lifted or moved.  Plus you will discover that these heavier pieces of wood help to distribute the weight of the shed more evenly.  As long as this step is carried out correctly then you will be able to lift the shed at any point where support is given and it will not flex.

What sizes the timbers are you use for providing the shed with support will actually depend on the size of the shed itself.  However, you need to make sure that the timbers used internally run the full length of the shed right up into each corner.  If you do this then you know that sufficient support has been provided.

Step 3 – If because of the size of the shed you need to use a vehicle rather than friends make sure that the towing hook or hooks is attached to both the front corners of the shed on the outside.

It is far better to use two towing hooks as this will then help to distribute the weight to be pulled more evenly and once the hooks have been attached to the shed attaching the other end of it to the vehicle.

Step 4 – It is vital that even before you begin to move the shed with the vehicle you ensure that the ropes being used to tow it are secure.  Also another thing to do before you even move the shed is ensure that the foundations on to which it is to be placed are ready to receive it.  By doing this you will once in position be able to remove the braces inside and start using it again.

In this article we have provided the steps when it comes to how to move a shed correctly.  If you do intend to use a vehicle to move the structure then ensure that the vehicle travels at a steady speed.  If it doesn’t then the chances of you having to replace the shed because it is damaged in the move are increased.

However, if you are intending to use just yourself and some friends to move the structure you need to make sure that everyone knows how to lift it properly, in order to prevent anyone getting injured.

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